21 January 2011

PLAINi - LM Intersection competition entry

About my Design:
PLAINi was designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. The vehicle seats 4 people using the face to face layout of the conference bike as an inspiration. There is also an alternate interior layout featuring back to back seating position, which is more efficient in terms of space, you can see that on proportions of the vehicles as well. PLAINi wears solid offroad tires to provide superb grip on various road surfaces such as sandy or rocky pathes. Batteries are placed in the thicker floor of the vehicle, creating very low gravity point. That improves the handling and stability of the vehicle as well. PLAINi has a variety of canvas type roof designs and materials available, such as sinthetic material you can write or draw on(similar to dry erase boards). The frame colour or texture can be customized as well, from classic chrom or black matte to any beloved pattern - your bondary is your imagination. Usage of common and available technologies and efficiency in materials make PLAINi one very cheap to produce vehicle.

18 January 2011

PLAINi - LM Intersection competition checkup

this is a raw checkup, entry following
"keep it SIMPLE" - a runabout for sand beaches and rough pathes, involving "human energy backup"
the key for me was to reach low production costs

7 January 2011


some of speedpaintings I did prepairing to my exam. DIN A2 each one